01. External audit

Kaurum is registered as a licensed audit expert with the Swiss Federal Audit Oversight Authority (FAOA) under the registration number 505418.

As such, our certified accountants are able to provide any audit service, such as a limited audit, an ordinary audit, an audit certification or a contractual audit.


Our experts are at your disposal to provide a service that meets the highest quality requirements. We also pay particular attention to always being available to our clients within 24 hours to answer any questions or needs your organization may have. You benefit from a personalized approach, adapted to the requirements and complexity of your organization.

Audits, whether legal or voluntary, can be beneficial to your organization, in particular to guarantee the reliability of the financial statements to the various stakeholders (banks, shareholders, tax authorities, suppliers, etc.), to contribute to obtaining better financing conditions from banks and other lenders, to attract new investors, to highlight the sound financial situation of the company before a sale of the company, etc.

Our external audit services are as follows :

  • Limited audit (statutory auditor)
  • Ordinary audit (statutory auditor)
  • Special audit certifications (regarding contributions in kind, capital increases, etc.)
  • Audit report to accelerate the dissolution of the company after the three calls to creditors (report on the early distribution of assets in case of dissolution according to Art. 745 para. 3 CO)
  • Contractual audit
  • Agreed procedures
  • Compliance audit of the legal requirements of FinIA / FinSA

02. AMLA and prudential audit

The fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism as well as compliance with the regulations in force issued by FINMA are a major concern for regulators.


Financial intermediaries must comply with the constantly changing legislation in force. Our certified accountants are able to carry out, via our network, the AMLA audits required by the self-regulatory bodies in relation to the Anti-Money Laundering Act as well as the prudential audits required by the supervisory bodies (SO) in relation to the FinIA / FinSA.

We have also developed a complete consulting solution for portfolio managers and trustees : Compliance & Risk.

Our AMLA and prudential audit services are as follows :

  • AMLA audit
  • Prudential audit (OS)

03. Internal audit

Our experts are able to propose the establishment of teams to outsource your organization's internal audits.

Our experts can help you improve your capabilities, better understand and monitor the execution of critical operations and key functions and achieve an appropriate level of control.

Our internal audit services include :

  • Internal audit outsourcing and co-sourcing
  • Corporate governance
  • Enterprise risk assessment and management
  • Implementation of the internal audit function
  • Optimization of the internal audit function