01. Restructuring

Our experts intervene in all areas of corporate restructuring advice, whether in the context of judicial or non-judicial proceedings.

Restructuring and turnaround management

Our areas of intervention cover in particular the following fields :

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Cash and Working Capital Management

Our experts work with our clients to optimize their cash flow and working capital management.


Restructuring planning and management

Our experts ensure, in conjunction with management, that the restructuring plan forms a roadmap that leads to sustainable improvements in operational and financial performance.

Operational Performance Improvement

Our experts plan and support the implementation of revenue or margin improvements and identify significant cost reduction opportunities across your organization.


Independent business review and liquidity review

Our experts work with stakeholders and/or financial management to review cash flow projections and borrower cash flows to understand and analyze cash sources.

Conseil financier

Our experts can also work, outside of legal proceedings, on the following issues :

  • Debt restructuring and liquidation
  • Creditor support
  • Mergers & acquisitions advice for distressed companies
  • Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) or other interim management positions
  • Crisis management

Insolvency administration

Our experts act as trustees or administrators in insolvency, debt moratorium or company proceedings in accordance with the following laws :

  • Art. 241 Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (DEBA)
  • Art. 293b Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (DEBA)
  • Art. 295 Swiss Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (DEBA)
  • Art. 731b (in accordance with Art. 819/908) of the Swiss Code of Obligations (CO)
  • Art. 69c, Art. 83d and Art. 89b Swiss Civil Code (SCC)

02. Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experts are involved in all stages of M&A transactions, from preparation to closing.

In an increasingly complex environment, we help you analyze and evaluate the information available so that you can make informed decisions and maximize the value of your transactions.

Our experts can offer you the following services :

Conseil financier

Financial Modeling

Our experts help you create financial models that facilitate more informed decisions and add value to management decision-making.


Corporate Finance Advisory

Our experts provide customized advice on business acquisitions, business sales, and capital raising to ensure your future success.


Valuation Services

Our experts support you to make confident decisions, improve your results and anticipate key issues.

Our areas of intervention cover in particular the following fields :

  • Mergers and acquisitions strategy
  • Buyer due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence
  • Operational due diligence (in-depth and targeted advice on pre-transaction due diligence and identification of value opportunities after the transaction)
  • Sale and purchase agreement (SPA)