01. Part-time CFO

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the guarantor of the financial sustainability of the company and the reliability of its accounts. He or she enables the manager to make the most optimal financial, strategic and organizational decisions at each stage of the company's development.

CFO à temps partagé

Many SME managers think that they are not sufficiently helped by their accountant (mainly due to lack of time). Consultants, on the other hand, are expensive and do not (logically) implement their recommendations after the mission. A CFO is expensive, but contrary to popular belief, a CFO is not only for large companies. The strategic support of a CFO is therefore not only reserved for large companies.

Treat yourself to the skills of a Part-time CFO !

Take advantage of our offer of Part-time CFO in order to benefit from impartial advice and a rigorous follow-up in the management of your company. The presence of your CFO will be decided in consultation with our experts for an optimal use of resources.

A Part-time CFO will also give you unparalleled credibility with your external and internal contacts.

A CFO at your side whenever you want !

Our experts can also be called upon for one-off missions (cash flow emergency, restructuring environment, setting up management control, formalizing the business plan, etc.) or for longer periods.

Our selected experts will be involved in the achievement of your objectives as if they were full-fledged collaborators.

CFO à temps partagé

We offer concrete, sized and pragmatic solutions to the company director. Thus, our offer of services of Part-time CFO allows the leader to concentrate on his business with a partner of confidence at his side, experienced and a solid network.