01. Setting up in Switzerland

Why is Switzerland an exceptional destination for business ?

Switzerland offers a stable political, economic and financial framework as well as an excellent standard of living.

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Unparalleled political stability

Studies on security, private property, social cohesion and political stability regularly place Switzerland at the top of international comparisons. Switzerland stands out for its political stability, which has been proven for decades.


The most innovative country in the world

Switzerland's prosperity is based on its strong capacity for innovation. Swiss companies are used to continuously improving their products, services and processes by investing in research and development. This success also benefits from the presence of renowned research institutes and the ability to translate research results into marketable products.

A stable, safe and reliable country

Switzerland offers investment security thanks to low investment costs, a stable currency, high purchasing power, moderate taxation, a federal political system and economic and political stability.


International integration

Although Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, it has bilateral trade agreements with all European countries. These agreements guarantee the free movement of goods, services and people. Switzerland has even more free trade agreements than the EU with its 41 different free trade agreements. Investing in an independent country like Switzerland can significantly reduce the risks associated with international expansion.

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Implantation Suisse

Talent pool

Switzerland is a magnet for foreign skilled workers and retains the talent it trains. The INSEAD Global Talent Competitiveness Index ranks Switzerland first in the world. Swiss employees are generally well educated, with strong language skills and above-average international experience. They are distinguished by their performance, reliability and commitment. Its dual training system provides an excellent mix of education and work experience.


A liberal labor market

The Swiss labor market is characterized by liberal legislation, flexible regulation and exceptional social stability. Labor disputes are resolved through consultation with the social partners. Strikes are almost completely non-existent. Social security for employees is based on the principles of solidarity and individual responsibility.

A strong position in international tax competition

The Swiss federal tax system is a model of success: taxes are determined and collected by federal, cantonal and municipal authorities. National tax competition plays a key role in reducing the tax burden. The Swiss cantons with the most attractive tax system are at the top of the international rankings, both in terms of corporate and personal taxation.

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We offer a turnkey service to foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Switzerland.

We accompany you in your project from the creation of the company to the administrative management so that you can concentrate only on your commercial development. We will also make you benefit from our large network (lawyers, notaries, bankers, etc.).

In general, clients wishing to setting up in Switzerland request our following services :

  • Business formation (LC or LLC)
  • Domiciliation of the created company
  • Provision of one or more directors
  • Handling of accounting, payroll and taxes
  • Tax representation

We can offer a complete service or à la carte according to your wishes.

We will do our utmost to ensure that your establishment in Switzerland is a success and that you can concentrate on the development of your business.